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How Credits Work

What are Credits?

DinePal Credits are just DinePal money. They can be used by members to purchase deals and events.

How much is a Credit worth and what does one Credit get me?

Each credit is equal to one Deal. If you want to get a particular Deal and have a Credit, just use your Credit and your done!

Is there any deals I can't use Credits on?

Yes. Your credits cannot be used for purchasing our Loyalty Promotion Cards or a Premiere membership.

How do you get Credits?

DinePal issues credits for a couple reasons. If you become a DinePal Premiere member online you will get 10 deal credits, valid for those special deals of your choice. You also can get credits through special promotions offers or as a refund.

I just bought a DinePal Premiere Membership at my door and get 10 Deal Credits. How do I activate them?

1. First register your Free account if you haven't already
2. Then sign in 
3. Go to the home page and click on the "Activate my Credits" button
4. Enter your Activation Code
5. Your Deal Credits will now show by your name and are ready to use.

 How do I use my Credits?

Your number of credits will display by your name and account when you are signed in. This will show you how many credits you have available for use. You can use your Credits at the time of checkout when you purchase a deal or event pass. You will see that available option at that time. Just check the apply credits box on the deal you choose.

Do my Credits expire?

Nope. Credits are yours to keep until you use them!

How to use Promo Codes

Step 1: Check the deal you want discounted . If available, It will say " Check here to use promo code"
 Note: Not all deals will show the promo code option. If your deal does not say this, you can not  apply a promo code with it.
Step 2: Add your promo code to box.
Step 3: Click "Apply Promo Code"
Step 4: Your Promo Code discount  will show applied and your bill will be deducted.