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How DinePal Deals Work

What is DinePal Deals and Events all about?

DinePal deals and events is a FREE membership that everyone can be part of! Just register and start saving 50% off at great participating businesses.

How is DinePal Deals different from the Big daily deal sites? 
The big difference between DinePal and the other deal sites, is that you only pay a small download  fee to secure the deal and you only pay for your portion of the deal when you use it at the participating business. The good part is you can secure more deals this way and only pay when you actually go and use your Deal pass! This is also better for the participating business, because they get payment on the complete deal and don't have to split it with the Big deal sites and that makes them very happy!

How much does it cost to get deals?

DinePal deal passes are super affordable. Most all deals are only $3 to $5!

I have Deal Credits. Can I use them for purchases?

Absolutely! DinePal deal credits are simply DinePal money and are valid for all deals excluding the Premiere Membership and the Loyalty Cards.

How long are my deals good for?

Most all deals are valid for three to four months from date of purchase, except for Movie and Entertainment deals, which are valid on the selected date. Please check expiration date prior to purchase to avoid confusion. 

Is there anything I must pay after I get my Deal pass?

Yes, when using your pass you must pay your portion of the bill after your discount is applied.
How does the process work to get and use my deals?


Step 1
. Create your Free account and sign in.
Step 2. Pick your deal and place your order.

Step 3.
Go to the Home page and click on the blue " Launch my deal" button.

Step 4.
Now choose the deal you want to Launch on your phone and show your mobile deal pass to your server when ordering.

Step 5. 
Your server will now enter pin number on pass and your deal is redeemed  

Step 6. Receive your discount off your bill and SAVE BIG!! Most savings are up to 50% Off!

Note: All deal passes have a unique serial number. Once it has been used, it is considered redeemed and cannot be used again.